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Around The World MC (i.e. ATWMC, IP:, Discord) is a Minecraft and Discord community for language learners and those interested in linguistics.

The Hanmijeong Pavilion in Seoul, Korea

ATWMC aims to build a community for players to practice learning languages through communicating with one another. The ATWMC community is welcoming to language learners of any level. The community has learners and natives of various languages.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

According to the 2021 ATWMC Demographic Survey conducted by Jontiben, the most common languages being learned are French at 12.4%, Spanish at 11.1%, German at 10.5%, Japanese at 9.8%, English and Mandarin at 5.9% each, and Korean and Dutch at 3.9% each. Although most members are native English speakers, 31.3% percent of the playerbase does not speak English natively, and the most common native language besides English is Dutch at 5.3%.

Rank Language Learners Natives
1 French 12.4% 3.9%
2 Spanish 11.1% 3.9%
3 German 10.5% 3.9%
4 Japanese 9.8% 2.6%
5 English 5.9% 55.3%
6 Mandarin 5.9% -
7 Korean 3.9% -
8 Dutch 3.9% 5.3%

The most common country of origin is the USA at 46.8%. Other somewhat common countries of origin include the UK at 9.7%, the Netherlands at 6.5%, and Poland, Germany, and Turkey individually at 3.2% each.

The majority of the playerbase is made up of adults at 56.2% (53.1% are in the age range of 18-24, whereas the other 3.1% are 25-31). However, 43.8% of the playerbase is recorded to be in the age range of 13-17.

Males reportedly take up the majority of the playerbase at 76.6%, while females take up 18.8%, and 4.7% of the playerbase identified as other. However, the amount of female players has increased by nearly 5 times since mid-2020.

The vast majority of players have been playing for less than one year at 70.3%. Those who have been playing for longer make up 29.7% of the playerbase, and 15.6% of all have been playing for more than three years.

33.3% of the playerbase found this server via Google, 31.4% found by Reddit, 27.5% by referral, and 7.6% by Motfe's Earth map server list.[1]

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