2021 Bombing of Paris

From Around The World MC

On the 2 April 2021, as V_Mac_Carthaig (Caeso) announced his leave from the ATWMC server, proceeded to bomb Paris. It was apart of the larger 2021 France Attacks. The main areas of destruction included the Gare du Nord and the Champs-Elysée.

Lead up to the Bombing[edit]

Caeso and O felt they were treated poorly by the server following their cordial relationship with Wyttie. Wyttie was a problematic player due to homophobic and racist remarks, however France overlooked this due to a similarity in politics within the server as both were conservative kings. This friendship was seen as inconceivable to other nations, and France was disliked further.


Fed up by this perceived disrespect, Caeso and O announced their resignation from the server, and Caeso destroyed several buildings that he and O made such as the Gare du Nord, Elysées Royal Palace, other royal residences within France, and other smaller buildings in Paris. Caesos abuse of mod powers that he used to aid the destruction led him to be banned until 2023, and O resigned from the server until the restoration of the Monarchy.


Following the abdication of the king and the bombing of Paris, Grimace stepped up and established the Republic of France. With international help, Paris was rebuilt. The international community largely denounced the Kingdom of France for this attack. The community of Paris has progressed past this event, today one can’t even tell Paris was damaged in the first place.