2021 France Attacks

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The Kingdom of France was attacked on April 2 2021 by V Mac Carthaig who destroyed his own builds and builds of O 7337 the King of France, after disliking how they were treated on the server. Both players resigned following the destruction, and Caeso was banned until 2023.

Previous Events[edit]

Wyttie, former king of The Kingdom of Great Britain was isolated socially by the international community due to several homophobic, racist and sexist remarks, and was under great international pressure to abandon his rhetoric. Among the only players who supported him were O_7337 (The King of France) and Server Moderator V_Mac_Carthaig, better known as Caeso, the crown prince. The Government of France came under scrutiny for supporting & defending Wyttie. Once respected, France began to lose its power due to a boycott lead by Grimace, Icecyristal67, and more. France and Great Britain now both isolated internationally began to work together, and this caused more tension. The German Empire, and a few other nations tried to step in and ease tensions, but to no avail. Angered by this backlash, Caeso and O planned to resign from the server.


Caeso was able to use his mod powers to destroy buildings he and O built together, an abuse that led to his ban. Paris was hit first by demolition of buildings Caeso made and the Royal Residence at Elysées. Then Perpignan was next, leveling the entire town. Quebec City followed suit, and other royal residences were hit as well. The independent state of Britanny, then owned by Puggy. was also attacked. Caeso didn’t make any public statements acknowledging the attack, rather stating how he felt disrespected and demonized by other players, and no longer wanted to play on the server.


Soon After, representatives & world leaders came to Paris to survey the damage, helping remove obsidian-covered buildings. Among those who sent statements of condolences and assisted in reconstruction efforts were Ireland, Wales, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, and Ukraine. On April 3rd, 2021, an Emergency EU meeting was held in Paris, unanimously passing a resolution to condemn the previous French Regime's behavior, which included intimidation of language learners in its territories. Grimace proclaimed himself the King of Wallonia, who then under pressure, changed the name of the country back to France and reformed its government. The Eiffel Tower stands where the Royal Palace once stood, and Frances oversees territories such as Quebec and Louisiana were given independence and were dissolved.

Caeso was unbanned by September 2023, receiving support from Letter and former foes.