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World: Earth Map
Region: Balkan
Country: Greece, Byzantine Empire
Warp: /warp Athens
Languages: Greek, Latin
Built: Letterbomb, Marpas
Mayor: Letterbomb

Athens is the capital city of Greece and the Byzantine Empire as well as the largest city in the Balkans.


Athens was settled by Marpas and the Roman Empire in early 2020. Land was cleared and chests were places along with some flags and torches to stake their claim, however no buildings were made. Athens was abandoned for the next 2 years. King Zorv of Serbia claimed all of the Balkans including Athens. Letterbomb wanted to learn Greek and build in Greece so a deal was worked with Zorv but never went anywhere. This stalemate continues until he was banned and Serbia was dissolved with no heirs to the Balkans. Athens was founded properly in August 2023 with actual construction in the city including docks and roads.


The city of Athens contains the Royal Palace for the Kingdom and Empire located on Euboea Island north of the city. The city also contains the Byzantine Senate and the National Byzantine Cathedral. Plans for a railroad hub are in place, and the city is connected by road to other towns in Greece such as Thessaloniki and Patras, going further into the rest of the Balkans, Italy, and Turkey.