Austronesian region

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Austronesian region
Colloquial: Austronesia, Indonesia
Language Family: Austronesian
Languages: Indonesian

Tagalog, Malay

World: Earth Map
Coordinates: 12873, 764
Region Moderator(s): Tukang Bom
Countries: Greater Indonesia

Timor-Leste (shared with Portugal) Malaysia

Cities: Jakarta


The Austronesian region is the biggest region in South-East Asia, moderated by Tukang Bom. It consists of the area occupied by Indonesia (excluding West-Papua), Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines.

Country list:[edit]

The Austronesian region went through several reforms:

Jakarta (expanded) (reason: it's the start of Indonesia) (consisted of West-Java only)

The Austronesian empire (collapsed) (reason: too big, language barrier was too big aswell) (consisted of the current Austronesian region and West-Papua)

Indonesia (reformed) (reason: regions came) (consisted of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi and West-Papua)

Greater Indonesia (consists of Singapore + Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi)

Timor-Leste (shared) (reason: deal with Portugal to rule Timor-Leste together with Greater Indonesia) Malaysia (consists of Malay peninsula)

Philippines (consists of all Filipino islands)


Soekarno statue on Soekarno square, made for independence day which is on August 17, however, the statue has changed in July. It's now made of copper instead of stone and is currently oxidating.

There are currently 3 villages (Surabaya, Palu, Kampung Pelangi) and 1 city (Jakarta). All of them are still under construction. There are more cities and villages being planned to make like Medan, Palembang and Singapore. There are no cities nor villages in the Philippines, the Malay peninsula nor Borneo).


Jakarta is the biggest city in the Austronesian region and South-East Asia. It was meant to become a trading hub, but was neglected because there were more attractive places. Because of the low amount of people learning Indonesians and the fact that it's not a big trading hub, there are a lot of apartments empty. Most interiors are also unfinished because of the lack of players. There are currently four medium-sized buildings, three skyscrapers, two squares, one park. Jakarta is connected by railway, there is a path running through Jakarta and there are several docks. There is no warp in Jakarta because the region spawn itself is in Jakarta.


The village of Palu at night

Palu is a fairly new village built for tourism. It consists of 11 houses, three bridges and one little village square. All houses look identical from the outside. There is a little market stand on the village square, which is unused right now. Pula isolated from other cities and therefore the only way to enter Palu is by boat, Elytra or by warping. There are currently some infrastructure projects for Sulawesi, but none of them connect to any villages at the moment, however there are some plans for making a few new villages which are called Danau Posa (Lake Posa), Danau Matano-Towuti (lake Matano-Towuti) and Manado-Bitung. There is one warp, which is called pula and teleports you to the docks of Palu.


Surabaya seen from above

Surabaya is the agricultural centre of the Austronesian region. The place has been chosen as agricultural centre, as the lands of Surabaya were rather flat and barely forested. It was also close to Jakarta, meaning the travel time between Jakarta and Surabaya wouldn't be long. Austronesian region. Since the start of the built of this place, no farms have been built in Jakarta anymore, and the government is now trying to move all farms to Surabaya to make sure lag reduces in Jakarta. There are currently 5 farms in Surabaya above ground: A cow farm, a chicken farm, a tree farm, a beetroot farm and a wheat farm. The wheat farm is used to feed and breed the cows, who will be slaughtered. Whenever there are too many seeds left, they are fed to the Chickens, however, this isn't done as frequently as it used to as there are too many chickens, eggs and its meat isn't as valuable as steak. The tree farm is currently producing 3 wood types: Spruce wood, dark oak wood and birch wood. These were mainly made to send to Jakarta and be used as building materials. The beetroot farm was made for unknown reasons. There is also one farm built underground: A sugarcane farm. It is purely made to trade with villagers, which will give emeralds if you give them paper. the emeralds are used to trade with other villagers, usually enchantment books. The sugarcane farm currently has 12 modules, each having 16 sugarcane patches. Therefore there are 192 sugarcane patches used in this farm. The farm will likely be expanded to 24 modules, as the amount produces per hour is too low to sustain the economy.


Kudat is a little village in Borneo, purely made to connect Indonesia and Malaysia with the Philippines. the village was accidentally built on the wrong place, as it should've been called port Sandakan, but it was accidentaly built on a place called Kudat. Kudat is a village built on land and water. it is also, like Palu, only accessible by boat or elytra. There is a slight chance it will be connected to the rest of Borneo though. Most houses are similar apart from wood combinations. Kudat is still under construction, though it's not high on the priority list of the government.

Kampung Pelangi[edit]

Cafe burung goyang-goyang

Kampung Pelangi (English: rainbow village), was built as it's a real village in real life. It is still under construction. Most houses are unique and are built against each other. There is going to be a city square and a few parks here and there. There is only one building finished right now, which is the cafe "Burung goyang-goyang."