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The flag of the Dukedom of Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Wurttemberg is a Duchy within the German Empire. The Duchy consists of several settlements such as Vaduz, Stuttgart and the capital Liebchtal. The Duchy includes the Alps mountain chain, and borders France to the West along the Rhine River, the Republic of Italy to the south, the Duchy of The Rheinland to the North and the Duchy of Austria and the Duchy of Bavaria to the east.


The land of Baden-Wurttemberg was originally several nations. Firstly, the principality of Liechtenstein was founded in early 2020 by PalmTrees with its capital in Vaduz, but was abandoned in summer 2020. The nation of Switzerland was founded by Natex300 in early 2020 aswell, after Natex left Glückstadt in Schleswig-Holstein over political disagreements with the Deutsches Reich under Nils Trinity. Switzerland flourished under Natex in the towny system, and Liebchtal was world famous for its architecture. The city slowed progress in late 2020, and with the implementation of regions the nation broke up. The half within the West Germanic region was added to the German Empire. The city of Stuttgart is a salvaged town from the Old Map in the German town of Atlenstadt.