Baja California

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Baja California
The Flag of the Republic of Baja California
The Flag of the Republic of Baja California
Capital: Tijuana
Languages: Spanish
Government: Federal Republic
President: Letterbomb0121
Cities: Tijuana, La Paz
Neighbors: Mexico, Santa Fe California

La República de Baja California, (the Republic of Baja California) also known as Baja California, is a nation located in North America encompassing the entire Baja California Peninsula. It is bordered by California to the North and the state of Sonora within Mexico to the East. Baja California is a member state of La Union Mexicana.


Ancient Times[edit]

The land that is split between Baja California and Southern California belonged to Caeso around the beginning of 2020, where he studied Kumeyaay, an indigenous language of the area. After Caeso moved to France, the space went unused. The infrastructure of this time period can be seen in the San Diego area, where farms used by the Kumeyaay learners are still intact aswell as torches.

Modern Times[edit]

Letterbomb0121 moved from Europe over to the Baja California area around late summer 2022 as a result of language priority shifts from German to Spanish. Due to the geography of the area, terraforming was necessary for useful land, and as a result Tijuana is about 50% reclaimed land from the ocean. This massive project meant the city wasn’t properly built until later in 2022, but as of March 2023 it is a developed city.


The Republic of Baja California is a Federal Republic with a President at the head. The National People’s Assembly meets in the capital of Tijuana and discusses laws.


Baja California is split up between municipalities each with its own government and the Federal District of Tijuana. Senators represent each municipality in the National People’s Assembly, however each municipality can also have its own laws and enforce them.


The culture of Baja California is similar to both other Mexican countries as well as California. Most people live within a few meters of the coast.


The largest religion in Baja California is the Evangelical Catholic Church, and has a church in most cities. The constitution of Baja California protects rights of religious and non religious practices.


State Owned Ventures[edit]

The Federal Government owns certain business in order to provide for the people. On example of this is Baja Max, a state run grocery store made possible by state run farms. Every Municipality has a state run farm which is free for use by citizens and government run stores.


The Republic of Baja California is located entirely on the Baja California peninsula, with some islands in the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California. The land is mostly Mesa and red sand desert, with few green grassy plains. The peninsula is mountainous, the tallest peak of the nation being Picacho del Diablo located within the Tijuana Federal District.