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Bavaria is a Duchy within the German Empire. The capital and largest city is Munich. Bavaria borders the Duchy of Austria to the south and East, the Duchy of Baden-Wurttemberg and The Rheinland to the west, and the Duchy of Saxony to the north, as well as the Czechoslovakia to the east.


Before regions, the area of what would become Bavaria was undeveloped. The city of Munich was founded by Hello_Im_Dutch in late November 2020, marking the first state of Bavaria. Originally a side project, Hello_Im_Dutch abdicated the Japanese Throne in order to focus full time on Bavaria, even merging with Austria to create the Kingdom of Austro-Bavaria. The nation merged with the German Empire on December 6th 2020, and Munich became the capital of the Duchy of Bavaria, with Hello_Im_Dutch as the Duke. As of March 2021 he rescinded his title of Duke in order to return to the Japanese Empire but is still the Mayor of Munich.


Bavaria is rather mountainous, and has


Munich is the largest and most developed city in Southern Germany, and as a result is influential in the region.