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Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate
World: Earth Map
Region: West Germanic
Country: German Empire
Warp: /warp Berlin
Coordinates: 1584 -6300
Languages: German
Built: March 2020

The city of Berlin is the capital and largest city of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Brandenburg. It is a city within the West Germanic region, just north of Leipzig and east of Hamburg. It is one of the oldest city in the region and has an interesting history, just like its real-life counterpart.

The flag of Berlin


City Plan for Berlin in April 2020

Early History[edit]

The city of Berlin was founded in March 2020 by Heid, officially starting the German Empire. The city developed with the help of Nils Trinity and MilkMan, as the main framework for the city was laid out. The capitol and Milkman’s house are the only surviving buildings from this early era. Nils Trinity became the Kaiser of Germany as well as the mayor of Berlin. Along with the rest of Germany, Berlin experienced a growth in players, and the city expanded overtime. Due to the towny plugin, and Nils’ inactivity, the city started to slow down and eventually became abandoned. After the implementation of regions, the German Empire as well as the city of Berlin collapsed.


Lastar was originally building in Madagascar, however he decided to take up the reigns as Mayor of Berlin over the summer 2020. With Lastar’s help, Berlin expanded even doubled its size as he worked on the city. By October 2020, the city had more roads laid out, a casino, farms, and other buildings. No major political entity existed within the city, however the city state continued to expand until Lastar’s inactivity.

Kingdom of Brandenburg/ German Empire[edit]

The Kingdom of Brandenburg was established along side the

Districts of Berlin, March 1 2021

German Empire by Letterbomb0121 on December 2nd 2020. With this new political state, the city was revamped to fit the standards of the new government. The streets were redesigned, and many old buildings were replaced with newer ones, in an effort to make the city more unified. Land clearing and other assistance from HealthMagazine and Liavi helped immensely, as the city doubled in size. Charlottenburg Palast was built to house the Hohenzollern Dynasty of the Kingdom of Brandenburg. The city’s population boomed after the founding of the new empire, and Berlin is currently the most populous city in all of Germany. A building code was established by royal decree on January 17th 2021 in order to further preserve the city’s styles.


The city of Berlin serves as the Imperial Capital of the German Empire, and as such contains multiple national buildings.


The warp building (/warp Berlin) doubles as a museum to Berlin and Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is under construction in the capital, as well as the Art Museum. The servers first gay bar was built by WinterSmokes. The Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche is the largest Lutheran Church on the server. The Berliner Dom has its foundation laid out, and will be a catholic cathedral.


Berlin is home to the Humboldt Sprachschule, a language institute founded by Hello_Im_Dutch that specializes in teaching German as well as other languages. The Berlin Bibliothek will be modeled after the Rotes Rathaus in real life Berlin. The city will also feature a Gymnasium.


The Reichstag is the official parliament of the German Empire, located in the government district of the city. The Rathaus of Berlin has a city council as well as a royal governing office. Charlottenburg Palast is where the Kaiser resides within the city, as it is the official residence. Berlin is home to embassies from several nations, as well as Hotel Adlon which serves as an embassy apartment complex.