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Bratislava, with Interslavic Centre Danube featured prominently.
Bratislava, with Interslavic Centre Danube featured prominently.
World: Earth Map
Region: West Slavic region
Country: Slovakia

Austrobavaroczechoslovakia (formerly)

Warp: near /warp Vienna
Coordinates: 2123 -5747
Languages: Slovak, Interslavic
Built: First building finished on 21 November 2023
Mayor: Kaaat0186

Bratislava is a city in the West Slavic region. It is adjacent to Vienna and is on the Danube.


Before 2023, the town consisted of a field and a concrete fountain. It grew considerably in late 2023 and early 2024 through the construction of the Interslavic Centre Danube and several residential blocks.


Bratislava is divided into 5 districts, roughly corresponding to the 5 okresy of its real-world counterpart. While the real-world centre of Bratislava is located within Bratislava I, the server build centers around Bratislava II (East).

The most remote borough of the city is Devínska Nová Ves, which is found between the Carpathian hills and the Austrian border.

Most streets in the city are named after streets in real-world Bratislava.