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Capital: Undecided (unincorporated country)
Languages: Portuguese
Government: Undecided (unincorporated country)
World: Earth Map
Cities: Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Brasileiro
Praia de Ipanema (Ipanema Beach), a popular tourist destination in Rio

The Federative Republic of Brazil, or Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil), is an unincorporated country located in South America. Currently in its infancy, it is overseen by its main occupants, Herzog703 and Phafael. The largest settlements are Fortaleza, in the northern state of Ceará, Rio de Janeiro, on the mid-Atlantic coast, and Porto Brasileiro, on the Malvinas Islands located in the south. Herzog703, a Brazilian Portuguese learner, is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Brasileiro, while Phafael, a Brazilian native, is the mayor of Fortaleza. The main attractions include scuba diving in Fortaleza, the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema located in Rio, and the Museu de História das Malvinas (English: Malvinas History Museum) located in Porto Brasileiro. Brazil is the only active community in the Lusofonia (Portuguese-speaking world).