Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire
Capital: Athens
Languages: Latin, Greek, local Balkan languages
Government: Monarchy
Monarch: Letterbomb0121
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Balkan
Cities: Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Sofia
Neighbors: Austrobavariaczechoslovakia, Romania, Italy

The Byzantine Empire is a nation located in the Earth Map that covers the Balkan region.


The Byzantine Empire is located in the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. Most of the land is mountainous and dark oak forest, with some valleys and plains. The southern tip of the peninsula primarily around the Greek speaking areas include lots of islands in the Aegean Sea.


The Byzantine Empire is a monarchy led by an Emperor, who doubles as the King of Greece. The emperor administers the empire alongside the Imperial Senate and the Governors of provinces. The provinces are given degrees of autonomy and linguistic freedom for any language learners in the area, but the central government maintains public buildings and other construction projects aimed at helping the average learner. Latin is the official language of the empire, as all provinces can use it, but each province also has a local language or languages. Greece is the most developed and most influential of these administrative divisions so Greek plays a big part in imperial government as well.


The empire is largely influenced by Greco-Roman culture, in addition to Slavic and other Balkan cultures.


Every province has a different culture based around the linguistic and ethnic background but is also uniquely Byzantine. Road signs will be seen with both Latin and the local dialect or language. Linguistic freedom is encouraged and the government plans to provide resources in each language at some point in the future.


The nation largely follows the state church of the Evangelical Catholic Church in the Byzantine Rite, so most architecture for churches resembles Eastern Orthodox. All citizens are allowed freedom of religion.