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Cenotariat's Skin
Cenotariat's Skin
Username: Cenotariat (Formerly Avisven)
Other names: Ceno
Joined: Early 2017
Residence: Göteborg, Stockholm, Cairns, New Frejmark
User Group: Member
Native: English
Learning: Swedish C2, Italian A1, Esperanto A1, German A1

Cenotariat, more commonly known as Ceno, is an Australian ATWMC member who initially joined the server in early 2017 during the time of the Old World. Ceno left the server in 2019, before unexpectedly returning in August of 2023 and once again becoming an active member. He lives in Göteborg.


Ceno is a native Australian English speaker and a high-level speaker of Swedish. He is also a beginner in Italian, and has plans to learn German and Esperanto. He had also previously dabbled in Icelandic, which he is currently no longer actively learning.


Early History[edit]

Ceno joined the server in 2017 in order to improve his Swedish, at the time going by the username Avisven. He settled in Frejmark, and eventually also became a citizen of Vanaheimr after becoming interested in Icelandic. Ceno built the Old Norse Ruin in Frejmark, as well as the Frejmark Embassy in the Dutch city of Sticht. After Vanaheimr was abandoned by the previous mayor, Ceno became the default owner and ruler of the city. During an invasion of the Esperantist city of Amikejo, Ceno joined the defence of the city, during which he was slain and gave up his sword. He also published a Swedish book about terrible puns, and built the joke village of Emudhesia, for learners of Emuese, the language of Emus. He then became inactive and left the server in early 2019.

Current History[edit]

In August of 2023, Ceno returned to the server, which had now transferred over to the Earth Map. He built the city of Cairns, before moving to Stockholm and making major contributions to the city development, most notably by building the University of Stockholm as well as many other buildings and amenities. He also published multiple books in Swedish, which can be found at the University. After hearing about the situation that had occurred with The Trifecta, he sought to repair international relations and make amends on behalf of Sweden, eventually rebuilding the Irish Embassy in Stockholm and connecting Sweden to the Eurostar with the permission and help of Icecyristal67. He also built multiple embassies in other countries and opened Sweden up to more international cooperation. Ceno eventually took up the position of temporary leader of Sweden, taking care of the country until activity increases enough for a proper election to be held. Ceno later went on to found the city of Göteborg and also build the city of Skellefteå.

In October 2023, Ceno founded the city of New Frejmark in the Resource World, citing his desire to create a common settlement for all North Germanic language speakers. The city was styled to try and revive some of the spirit of the previous cities of Frejmark and Vanaheimr.