Chinese War

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The Chinese war (2022-09-18 to 2022-09-21?) was a military conflict between Tsonshiguku (now called Tokuguku) and He Empire (Now known as He Clique) and other nations such as Kuchean Empire and Macan Empire would join on Tsonshiguku's side as well. The war was made up into two parts the Tsonshi invasion of China and the Chinese Liberation War.


The Tsonshiguku government had always wanted to expand into the flatlands west of them. But held back expansionist ideas and took development as priority instead. Until the 17th of September when the Tsenkaan ordered a state order to make massive amounts of Harming and Healing potions. and in 18th of September the war plan was written and introduced to the High-council of Tsonshiguku. A wall was built on the border that was 3 block wide on the base and 1 block wide on the top. Line trenches were dug out and stone bunkers were constructed near the border. The Sino-Jiaotung Bridge was blown up to avoid two fronts. The conscription law was introduced to the public that basically formed the Army of Tsonshiguku. Some hours before the declaration of the ultimatum, the Tsonshi Pact was formed with the intention of other anti-chinese orginsations would join the war, the Kuchean Empire and Macan Empire Joined eventually, because the Macan empire wanted indepedence and Kucha insisted to expand east. Tensions rose as agressive messages were sent between the chinese Emperor and Tsonshi Tsenkaan.

The Tsonshi invasion of China[edit]

The beginning of the war started with Tsonshiguku sending an ultimatum letter to the Emperor of China, it implied that the north of the Yangtze would ceede to Tsonshiguku and the Mandate of Heaven was given to the Tsenkaan of Tsonshiguku. With an active military of 5 players (including 1 expeditionary force from macau), the Tsonshi army was ready to attack. But the ultimatum was eventually partially-accepted, as the mandate of heaven was to be remained with the Emperor of He Clique, and some border execptions were made, the proposed border north of Yangtze was also changed to North of the Huai and Han river instead. After a while the Tsenkaan was happy anyways with the land exchange, so any actual warfare didn't happen. the Tsonshi invasion of China ended 2022-09-19 23:00

The Chinese Liberation War[edit]

After the Tsonshi invasion, Kucha and Macau would continue fight in the south and west of China.