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Chukottown seen from Radio Tower
Chukottown seen from Radio Tower
World: Resource World
Languages: Chukchi
Mayor: SkinOfChild

Chukottown is a town in the Resource World. The town is inhabited by villagers and the player SkinOfChild. Chukottown is one of the largest cities in the Resource World, though is often grouped into Ukiho due to its proximity.


Early History[edit]

The city of Chukottown was founded by SkinOfChild at an unknown date, originally starting with SkinOfChild's restaurant in the front area of the city. Near this house are three structures from before Chukottown was founded, today repurposed into shops.

Accidental Declaration of Independence From Ukiho[edit]

SkinOfChild built the Chukottown City Council Hall on October 20th, 2022, and established an independent government for the city and its constituent villages. SkinOfChild was unaware of Ukiho's status as a country until another player mentioned this. Chukottown's status as an independent country is currently up for debate, though it leans towards being its own country.


Chukchis of Chukottown[edit]

Chukchi people make up the vast majority of inhabitants of Chukottown, making up approximately 89% of the population. Of these, almost all speak Chukchi natively, though many are also multilingual with Russian, English, French, and other languages. On the Earth World, Chukchi people are native to Chukotka and surrounding areas.

San Community in Chukottown[edit]

The Ilgumkuum District of Chukottown has a notable community of San People, the indigenous people of large parts of Southern Africa. This community makes up around 5% of the population of Ilgumkuum.

Notable Locations[edit]