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Skyline of Copenhagen as seen from near the Øresund Bridge.
Skyline of Copenhagen as seen from near the Øresund Bridge.
World: Earth Map
Region: North Germanic
Country: Denmark
Warp: /warp Copenhagen
Coordinates: 1482 -6699
Languages: Danish

Copenhagen (Danish: København) is the largest and capital city of Denmark. It is located on the island of Sjælland in eastern Denmark.

It is located on the Øresund Straight. Copenhagen is the home of the Danish Monarch and the royal palace, Amalienborg. It is also the home of Christiansborg, where the Danish Parliament is located. The number of residents in Copenhagen (including part-time residents) is estimated to be around 5-10. Copenhagen includes many of Denmark's embassies, including the embassy of the German Empire and the embassy of Ireland. Japan's embassy, on the other hand, is located in Odense, Denmark's second city. Copenhagen is known for its Scandinavian feel and quaint streets. The most popular attractions in Copenhagen include Nyhavn, the Scandinavian Museum of History, and The Church of Our Saviour offering views of the city.

Copenhagen is the largest transport hub in Denmark, with Copenhagen Central Station being the busiest station in northern Europe. The Iceland - Calmaria Line of the Eurostar passes through the city.