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World: Old Map (Originally)

Earth Map (Current)

Region: West Slavic region
Country: Poland
Languages: Polish

Czarnodziura is a Polish town located near the Eastern border of the West Slavic region. Named for the massive hole taking up over half the city and the apparent curse it has on players, Czarnodziura literally translates to "Black Hole." This name was given to the city by jestjakasnazwa upon its rediscovery in early 2022. While its historical name is "Kielce", players no longer know the town by that name.

Thought to have been copied over from the Old World, Czarnodziura's origins are hazy at best. Its earliest known ruler, GuraiPL, was last seen in 2020, a year considered to be a transitional period in the server's history. He also holds the record being the wealthiest player on the server, currently holding a balance of 1,904,000 Ducats. It is important to note, however, that the Ducat is no longer a form of usable currency in the server. Regardless, Czarnodziura is certainly among the older settlements in the West Slavic region.

Czarnodziura is seen as "cursed" as whomever becomes in charge of the city is doomed to be banned. Seeing as the legend goes, whomsoever finds themselves settling into Czarnodziura is doomed to meet a grizzly end," Czarnodziura finds itself perpetually abandoned and leaderless. Three such players who were based in Czarnodziura and were later banned were MadBurn, NickMoJAVA, and Impoxium. One can pay respects to these fallen leaders at the town's cemetery and dance floor.

The town features a massive hole that takes up half the city's limits. It seems to be connected to a loose network of strip mines and caves, although Czarnodziura also has a formal mine on the west side. The town also features a bar, a barn, the town cemetery, Duska's house, an abandoned Supermarket, and a beacon.