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Kingdom of Denmark

Kongeriget Danmark (Danish)

Kongeriket Danmark (Norwegian)

Konungariket Danmark (Swedish)

Königreich Dänemark (German)

Capital: Copenhagen
Languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch: Herzog I (Herzog703)
Prime Minister: Herzog703
Formation: 15 April 2020
World: Earth Map
Server Region: North-Germanic Region

The Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark), commonly known as Denmark, is a constitutional monarchy in the North-Germanic Region of northern Europe. It is bordered by Skandinavia North-Germanic Region to the north, and the German Empire to the south. Denmark's territory consists of most of the Jutland Peninsula, the eastern Danish Isles where Copenhagen and Odense are located, along with the island of Bornholm situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea (Østersøen).

Denmark gained independence from Ukraine on the 15 April 2020 due to a growing desire for self-determination. Denmark has only had one monarch, with Herzog703 inheriting the title Herzog I, and has remained a democracy since its inception. Denmark's foreign policy outreach remains reserved, and is not a member of the European Union.

Government and politics[edit]

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, with the Head of State being Herzog I. Since he is the only one in Denmark, Herzog703 is both king and Prime Minister. Denmark's closest friends are Ireland, Ukraine, and the Republic of China, as they all share similarly progressive outlooks. Friendship treaties have been signed with Ireland and the State of Israel (no longer active), with the alliance famously coined the pejorative "Hippie Coalition" by the King of France, however this term was appropriated by the block as an endearing term. Throughout its history, Denmark has typically had good relations with smaller nations, and famously bad relations with the Kingdom of France, with the two countries only normalizing relations in February 2021.

Denmark remained neutral through the Sinic Conflict despite closer relations with the Republic of China, but was largely supportive of the No campaign during the 2020 Regions Referendum. Denmark had attempted to establish a European Union twice in 2020, with the second attempt failing due to opposition from the Kingdom of France. When the Kingdom of France led an attempt to establish the European Union in late 2020, Denmark refused to join because France did not cooperate with Denmark in previous attempts.

Logo of the DSE

Prime Minister Herzog703 is the Head of Government, and head of the Socialist Unity Party of Denmark (DSE). The DSE has been the ruling party since January 2021. While the nation claims to hold democratic elections for its Senate and Head of State positions, they are often regarded as undemocratic by the international community since the elections heavily favor the ruling socialist party.


The country is noted for its continued democracy and advocation for a colony-free world, something which caused much tension with the Kingdom of France. Signs can be found all over Denmark in opposition to colonies and imperialism that claim that Québec is a colony of France despite being independent. The signs also oppose attempts by Germany to settle in West-Slavic lands previously owned by Germany.

Denmark's culture has largely been shifted by perceived threats from larger neighboring countries, such as a period of time in April 2020 where a German citizen built a city on the border of Germany and Denmark and accidentally expanded into Denmark, causing Denmark to retaliate by building a wall along the German-Denmark border.


Roads connect all settlements in Denmark with the surrounding countries.

Copenhagen Central terminal

Denmark's transport hub is Copenhagen, with the Eurostar running through Copenhagen Central Station.