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Denmark-Norway (Danish and Norwegian: Danmark-Norge) is a sovereign state in northern Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the south, and Sweden and Finland to the east. It is a merger of the Kingdom of Denmark with the Norwegian lands which were combined to form a multinational state. The de jure capital of Denmark-Norway is Oslo, yet the de facto capital remains Copenhagen as most governmental institutions remain there until new ones are built in Oslo.

Denmark-Norway is a constitutional monarchy and a democracy. The country is social democratic in nature yet has a capitalist economy. The country has been run by the National Coalition Party (Norwegian: Koalisjon), a conservative-liberal and capitalist political party, since 18 May 2021. Prior to this date, the country was ruled by the Socialist Unity Party of Denmark-Norway (SEDN), a self-described socialist party which many saw as transforming Denmark-Norway into a one-party communist dictatorship.

The official languages of the state are Danish and Norwegian. Despite the state being officially bilingual, Danish has priority status in Denmark, while Norwegian has priority status in Norway.