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Eurostar is an international high-speed rail service on ATWMC connecting the United Kingdom and Ireland with the rest of mainland Europe. Most Eurostar trains travel through the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and Denmark.


Conception and planning[edit]

The history of Eurostar can be traced to the proposal of an animal transport system, particularly by admin Puzzlecube. Planning was posponed for quite a while until Icecyristal67 brought the project back in action.

Launch of service[edit]

The original Eurostar logo used from 1994 until 2011.

In September 2020, Eurostar services began running from Dublin station to London. Within days the Amsterdam station opened, extending the line from there.

Regional Eurostar[edit]

In October 2020, due to France's very unique and strict rail system, a line opened that would in the future connect France with Spain. This regional route involves going from Amsterdam Station to transferring at Paris International, and then transferring at Pepperignan.

A pair of Eurostar trains at the former Waterloo International

Mainline routes[edit]

Route name First service Region(s) Notes
Iceland - Calmaria September 2020 Britannic, West-Germanic, North-Germanic
Amsterdam - Kyiv November 2020 West-Germanic, West-Slavic, Balkan, Romanian, East-Slavic Vienna under renovation
Amsterdam - Vienna November 2020 West-Germanic, West-Slavic Vienna under renovation
Regional Eurostar November 2020 West-Germanic, French Requires you to transfer 3 times
Brest- Glasgow January 2021 Britannic
Amsterdam - Berlin TBA
Pepperignan - Madrid Canceled French, Iberian Replaced by Paris - Madrid line

Future Developments[edit]

Future Lines[edit]

Eurostar lines that are under construction or have been completed and awaiting Eurostar approval. Lines may be in operation while waiting for approval.

Route name First service Region(s) Notes
Paris - Madrid February 2023 French, Iberian Completed Route waiting for Eurostar Approval
Tel Aviv - Warsaw Febraury 2023 Semitic, Turkish, Balkan, North-Germanic Completed Route waiting for Eurostar Approval
Tel Aviv - Kyiv Planned Route Semitic
Tel Aviv - Spawn Planned Route Semitic
Tel Aviv - Rome Planned Route Semitic
Madrid - Carthage Planned Route Iberian, Semitic
Warsaw - Madrid April 2023 Wast-Slavic, Balkan, Italic, Iberian Completed Route waiting for Eurostar Approval

Regional Eurostar[edit]