From Around The World MC
Other names: Sugarcane, Sugar, Pseudo, Flitter, Pseudonym
Joined: Autumn of 2020
Residence: Ukiho
User Group: Region Moderator
Native: English
Learning: German (A1+)

Czech (A1)

Spanish (A1)

Flittermouses (aka Pseudonym, Sugarcane) is a region moderator of the West-Slavic region. She speaks English natively, and is learning German and Spanish. They are the leader of Santa Fe.


Flittermouses had joined the server learning German, first residing in Vienna. She moved through many languages, for example, Czech, Inuktitut, Esperanto, and Sioux. She is currently attempting to learn French & Spanish.


They joined in Autumn of 2020, prior to knowing about warps, she travelled from Spawn to Vienna on foot (and boat), and made her first build, which was a birch shack that no longer exists. From there she created the first Vienna, which today has few remains. During first Vienna, they started Highway Z, first going from Vienna to Frankfurt, while none of the original tract of Highway Z exist, it still exists from Bratislava to Moscow. In December, Datchisan had started construction on Bavaria, soon after Bavaria and Austria had merged into Austro-Bavaria, but around a week later Austro-Bavaria had joined Germany as the Duchies of Austria and Bavaria. As part of Germany, the Kaiser, Letterbomb, saw Vienna an unfit city, and ordered a reconstruction, resulted in the second Vienna. At this point Flitter had split interests in both Vienna and Sioux City, and being a Leader of Sioux City, she was unable to become Herzogin of Austria. By March of 2021, they had started work in Jihlava and Pilsen, and with that they had claimed Czechoslovakia. Later that year, in August, being fed up with their inability to rule Austria, she had claimed Vienna for Czechoslovakia. Datchisan, seeing this decided that Bavaria was going to rebel against Germany and unite with the Czechoslovaks, resulting in Austrobavaroczechoslovakia (now Danubia). The world saw this unification as an annexation of basically half of Germany by Czechoslovakia, though today Danubia is recognized as a sovereign nation by most. Once Vienna became the capital of Danubia, it was once again reconstructed to the current third Vienna. Flitter, desiring Danubia to prosper, had started construction of many cities across Czechoslovakia and Austria, for example Mesto Veží and Klagenfurt. In July of 2022, the Empire of Ukiho was formed, Flitter joined with the Kingdoms of Qikiqtaaluk, the Kingdom of Mississippi, the Duchy of Chicha, and the City of Amarillo, though the Empire quickly became redundant. In August of the same year, she had expanded the city of Amarillo to the current size of mainland Santa Fe, and quickly joined the UM with it. Though technically Amarillo had never declared independence from Ukiho.

Notable Builds[edit]

Having been on the server for nearly 3 years, Flittermouses has built many structures, some of the most notable are the Pueblo of Amarillo, Highway Z, and the Pseudean North American Road System.