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Flag of France
Flag of France
Capital: Paris
Languages: French
Government: Monarchy
Monarch: O 7337
Prime Minister: V Mac Carthaig
World: Earth Map
Server Region: French Region
Cities: Lyon, La Rochelle, Nancy, Peppering, Marielle
Neighbors: Brittany, Alsace, Netherlands, Wallonia, Italy, Spain, Britain, Germany

France, also known as the Kingdom of France is a sovereign state in Europe. It encompasses the French region. Known for its extensive infrastructure, it is often referred to as one of the most developed countries in the server.



The Kingdom of France is a monarchy led by a king. In addition there is a prime minister that helps run the nation and other ministers with varying roles.


France is known for its vast cultural buildings and staples.


France enjoys a beautiful nice lush flat plain, bordered by high mountains in the German/Spain border. France is noted for its abundance of rivers.



France was founded in Febuary 2020 as la Royaune de France y O_7337 and V_Mac_Carthiag (Caeso). Paris was constructed, and O proclaimed himself as King of France. France was initially constructed by a giant roadpath, only to be rebuilt by the french government.

The Age of Discovery[edit]

France soon began to colonize areas around the world, taking much of Eastern Canada in Quebec, Louisiana, and the Caribbean. At first people were ok with this because it was normal for countries to have colonies, but because of the United Kingdom colonizing various unnecessary places, it was soon seen as something bad, as it took land from native speakers.

The Age of Diplomacy[edit]

France was perhaps known for its massive buildings. It was voted the most beautiful country by many players due to its heavy investment towards building. The Mayor of Lyon, Letterbomb021, soon left to create Germany. Throughout this age, France started taking initiative in international cooperation, after its period of isolation by co-founding the EU. France adopted many conservative principles, primarily befriending former rival Wyttie and the United Kingdom.

The Age of Democracy[edit]

See the 2021 bombing of France for more details

On April 2nd, 2021, Caeso suddenly resigned as Moderator in the server. However, Caeso began abusing his moderation powers and ended up destroying many of his builds in areas France claimed. Following the extensive damage and public outrage, O resigned as King of France. Caeso was banned by Puzzlecube for abuse of Mod powers, ending Caeso's reign from the server since 2017.

Following this incident, Grimace97 quickly assumed control with international backing of the French Government and declared a state of Emergency. The leaders of many nations began to help rebuilt Paris & remove the damage. Under Grim, France officially gave Quebec, Louisiana and Haiti independence, citing hostile intentions of the previous regime to influence superiority over people learning other languages in those areas. Steps were also taken to aid areas that were affected by the previous regime's actions, as well as a clear message that all external French territories would be free from French rule. France's actions were met by praise by the international community, and began the healing process, allowing learners in Quebec to not worry about France limiting what they can build and do.

Restoration of the Monarchy[edit]

In September 2023, O claimed ownership of France, to much backlash, since he proceeded to remove all pride flags around the nation. This move was met with mixed feelings, most disliking the removal of LGBT flags. The staff decided it didn’t break any server rules nor does it show any homophobia, so the flags.