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Frankfurt is the capital of and largest city in the Duchy of The Rheinland.


Frankfurt was originally designed to be an international city, as the European Union was considering using this central city as its headquarters. In July 2020, Letterbomb0121 began to clear out land and built a road while Herzog703 built the meeting hall (currently Rathaus). After Calmaria was decided as the European Union international city, progress on the city was abandoned. Oxygin started to work on the city and developed it in its modern state. A skyscraper was built and an old town aswell, and a stop along the Eurostar helped put this city on the international stage. The Rhine Crisis of November 2020 took place just west of the city, as part of the Rhine river was covered in dirt. Such a move impeded international travel along this vital waterway, and highlighted the need for a stronger German political organization. Oxygin and Frankfurt joined the German Empire in December 2020, and Oxygin was raised to the title of Duke of The Rheinland.