Frogs sgorf

From Around The World MC
Username: frogs_sgorf
Other names: Frog, Frogs
Joined: July 2022
Residence: Mexico City

Sài Gòn



User Group: Member
Native: English


Learning: Vietnamese (A2+)

Swedish (A1)

Nahuatl (A1)

Hawaiian (pre-A1)

frogs_sgorf better known as Frog is a player of Around the World MC and uses any pronouns.


Frog grew up speaking Spanish, and later English as he started school. After watching a Swedish drama, their interest in Swedish was sparked. A few months after this, they became interested in indigenous languages, like Hawaiian and Nahuatl (and possibly going to learn Purepecha). They began learning Vietnamese after figuring out his school offered a class like this.


Frog joined the server in late July 2022. After joining he was teleported and added to the Austroasiatic region, building his first home in Sài Gòn. After this, they decided to settle in Mexico (which had to warp, so they warped to the nearest city, Havana, which was a long and challenging journey to the heart of Mexico, Mexico City). They established the country of México, and shortly after, formed La Unión Mexicana with Dfnstrn. After México, he traveled to Hawai'i, an isolated land back in those days. The only way to get there was by boat or elytra. When Frog got there, the remains of an old Japanese colony cluttered the Hawai'ian islands. A huge castle on the big island of Hawai'i was taken down by Frog, by hand, after a few weeks. After this project, Frog established the Kingdom of Hawai'i. Frog is all about natural beauty. He tries to keep the natural landscape as much as he can and has even tried starting projects to restore the original land of the west, which has been destroyed by the extraction of natural materials. The most recent country Frog has started, or more like renewed, was The Republic of Việt Nam. Frog's work consists of restoring nature and developing their countries.