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View over Göteborg
View over Göteborg
World: Earth Map
Region: North Germanic Region
Country: Sweden
Warp: /warp Gothenburg
Coordinates: 1479, -7030
Languages: Swedish

Göteborg (Anglicised: Gothenburg) is the second largest city in Sweden.


Göteborg was founded by Cenotariat in November of 2023, beginning with the construction of the information centre and Skansens Kronan. Over time, the city was developed further to contain a library, city commons, the statue Poseidonbrunnen (based off its real-life counterpart), an art gallery, and most notably a local headquarters for the United Nations. Göteborg is also known for its network of underground tunnels and caverns, which serve as a secondary, hidden city below the surface, dotted with secret passageways and entrances.

Due to its proximity to the Norwegian border, Göteborg functionally forms a continuous large megacity with the Norwegian capital of Oslo (also known as Skaghavn). The border road, or 'Gränsvägen' (Norwegian: Grenseveien) marks the border between Sweden and Norway within the city.