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Halbin - 交岸市 Halbin-ji
World: Earth World
Region: Tungusic Region
Country: Tokuguku
Languages: English, Manchu
Built: Early-2022
Mayor: none (Konstalius_105Na is The Provincial Kaan)

(not to be confused with Halbin Province)

Halbin (TKG: 交岸市/Hal'bin'ji) (Manchu: ᡥᠠᡵᠪᡳᠨ/Halbin) is a city located in Halbin Province in the country of Tokuguku. It lies near the middle of the Manchurian flatlands, where two rivers split (TKG/MNC: Zemgen ukan/sunggari ula and Nen ukan/non ula) . Farmlands are present in the south, and to the northeast to south has large green flatlands.

Ever since the beginning it was recognized as a small village, as it is still a very small settlement to this day. But the High Court of Tsonshiguku had industrial plans during the beginning of the Tsonshi Industrial Revolution and thus it was classified as a City. As of 2023.04.01 Konstalius_105Na became kaan of Halbin Province, replacing the previous kaan Duska.

Regional language[edit]

In the city's area The Halbin Regional Language is spoken. It is distinctive for it's western-slavic grammar system mixed with a significant number of Tokuguo sounding words.