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Username: Hello_Im_Dutch (Former)

Datchisan25 (Current)

Other names: Dutch, ダッチ
Joined: March 2020
Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Munich, Germany


User Group: Region Moderator
Native: Dutch
Learning: English (C1)

German (B1)

Japanese (A2/N5+)

French (A1)

Mandarin (A1)

Datchisan25, or simply "Dutch", is a player and region moderator on the Around The World MC server. He used to be known as "Hello_Im_Dutch" until he changed his username in mid May of 2021. He is the region moderator of the Japonic Region alongside RedCrafted. He first joined the server in March of 2020, two months after the implementation of the New Map. He holds the titles of Mayor of Tokyo and Mayor of Munich, but has also held the title of Emperor of Japan(天皇) twice. Datchisan has played a major role in a number of conflicts, the most recent one being the Sinic Dissesion. He used to identify as a Blaist, but has since converted to Stroopism.


Dutch, as his nickname suggests, has the native language of Dutch. He also speaks English roughly at a C1 level, mostly learned through immersion. Furthermore he studies German at school with his German skills being around B1. He also studied French at school, which he has trouble speaking but can comprehend at a level of A2. He's also studying Japanese, by far his favorite language, and has a proficiency of A2/N5+. He's studied Chinese for a month and is able to understand and speak it at an A1/HSK1 level. He also has a great interest in Frisian and Ainu.


As a Dutchman he has had good relations with Tala in the past and is currently friends with Tukang_Bom of the Austronesian region. He also got his real friend Probably__me to join the server in February of 2021, he then founded the city of Leipzig.


Dutch started out as mayor of Amsterdam and King of the Netherlands when he joined the server. There he laid the foundations for Amsterdam with a canal and three buildings. He had been learning Japanese for a couple of months and laid some infrastructure there before moving to Japan. When he left in early april he intended on moving to Aomori, but with his own district in the valley just south of where the center of the city was supposed to go. But when the mayor of Aomori, Menakatep, went inactive, he first waited and eventually founded Akita.

He would then crown himself Emperor of Japan, a title nobody has ever been claimed by anyone else on the server. He laid infrastructure throughout Japan and pointed at places where newcomers could build, most of the time these people would never be seen again after logging on once.

He had given EmptinessWithin the job of making Okayama. He would then abandon his projects there which can still be visited just west of Kyoto. He moved onto building Tokyo where he built the current layout of the city center. After discovering Emptiness hadn’t learned any Japanese a month after joining the server, Dutch attempted to force him to do so. Instead, Emptiness left Japan for Spain. This led Dutch to consider Tokyo his personal responsibility.

Another exception was Llayro, who built the Temple of Yakushima and then founded the city of Kagoshima.(date to be must be researched). Most of the town would be built within ten days. Dutch got along well with Llayro, until he wanted to expand with more cities in Kansai and Shikoku. Dutch was against this and told him he simply couldn’t, which then escalated into Llayro claiming Kyushuan independence which led to the Japanese Civil War.

During the war, Dutch got stressed out by the whole situation and decided to divide the entire country into three districts. He would then rule over Tōhoku(東北). He then remained relatively active, but without doing much until founding Munich on 2 December 2020. There he founded Austro-Bavaria and then merge with the German Empire after a week.

After having worked on the German city for two months he moved back to Japan, this time into Tokyo to finally bring the Eastern Capital to its full potential. He got a great amount of help from PlayerX112. He also reclaimed the title of Tennō, as most of Japan was relatively inactive at the time. He gave up the title in July of 2021, which was was given to PlayerX112. During the conflict between the Czech Republic and the German Kaiserreich he was working on Austrian infrastructure and seemed likely to support Sugarcane in liberating Austria as well as re-establishing Austro-Bavaria.

During the conflict, most attention turned into dust because of the new resource map. He was one of the founding members of Ukiho but is moving into Shinchi(新地) once he can establish a proper base there.


Dutch has stayed quite active on the server, with days where he doesn't come online being very uncommon.