From Around The World MC
Username: Icecyristal67
Other names: Ice
Residence: Dublin
User Group: Region Moderator
Native: Spanish


Learning: Catalan (A1+)

French (A1+)

Portuguese (A1+)

Gothic (A1)

Irish (A1)

Italian (A1)

Japanese (A1)

Icecyristal67 is player of Around the World MC. He is best known for being a Region Moderator on Around The World MC for the Britannic Region as well as the King of Ireland. He is a native English & Spanish Speaker who is learning primarily Irish, Italian, and Portuguese. He is also known for his obsession with Taylor Swift.


Ice is a native English & Spanish speaker and is learning Irish , Italian and Portuguese.


Ice joined the server in April of 2020, a few months after the reset of the Old Map. Originally, joining the British Empire to fulfill Wyttie's desire for British domination on the server, Ice began to revolt. He exposed Wyttie for his unironic Racist, Sexist and Homophobic comments. He joined forces with many players to diminish Wyttie's power and took on the King of France and Caeso, defenders of Wyttie. Ice managed to liberate Ireland from the British threat, and today enjoys close relations with Wales & its neighbors, fragments of the former empire Wyttie once had. Ice is credited among many for making the server a more welcoming place.

Today, Ice can be seen hanging with Winter Smokes, Junavere, Bilabial, thekepler, Buddha, and MrSegno.

Currently, he is in his second year of university, so he isn't too active anymore.

Notable Builds[edit]

  • Ireland Cathedral
  • Well + Good
  • 7 Eurostar Stations
  • Nils Trinity University


  • He is the founder of Ireland
  • He is the main builder of the Eurostar
  • He likes to bully sugarcane
  • He loves Taylor Swift
  • He likes telling people server lore