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Republic of Ireland
Flag of Ireland
Flag of Ireland
Capital: Dublin
Languages: English, Irish
Government: Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister: Icecyristal67
Head of State: Icecyristal67
Formation: April 2020
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Britannic Region
Cities: Dublin, Derry, Limerick
Neighbors: Republic of England, Kingdom of Scotland, Wales

The Republic of Ireland (Irish Gaelic: hÉireann), commonly known as Ireland, is a republic and one of the 4 countries located within the Britannic Region in Europe. Ireland was founded in April 2020 by as an integrated part within the Kingdom of Great Britain by Icecyristal67. Ireland found itself regrouped as an Irish Free State, a vasal state of the United Kingdom with further autonomy. Following disagreements and pressure from the International region towards Wyttie, Ireland was granted independence. The country is a founding member of the European Union. In December 2023, Ireland became a democracy, with Ice transitioning from Monarch to Prime Minister, head of state.

Government and politics[edit]

Ireland is a parliamentary republic. From 2020 to 2023, Ireland was a constitutional Monarchy. The Head of State was the King of Ireland, Ice. The current Crown princess (Second in line) was ItsBabe. Due to a lack of a long-term player base other than Ice, elections are considered redundant but are mandated by the constitution once a solid player base is formed. This will also warrant the creation of the 1st session of Parliament.

Ireland's biggest friends are its sister nations, Scotland and Wales. Ireland enjoys great relationships with Ukraine, What every country Grim is in, Poland, and Gotland. An eternal friendship treaty has been adopted regarding Denmark. Ireland has a very complicated relationship with its former nation, the United Kingdom, but has recently adopted a friendlier attitude towards them.

Ireland was neutral with the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China throughout the Sinic Conflict.

Today, Ireland enjoys having great relations with Wales, Denmark, and Scotland


This country is noted for being very into pop culture besides native traditions. Artists popular in Ireland include, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Throughout Dublin, you can find signs dedicated towards Kesha.

Ireland is also noted for being one of the most pro LGBTQ+ countries in the server. A LGBTQ+ Pub was built in Febuary 2021 in Dublin. The government has taken steps to create a safe space for everyone regardless of Gender, Religion, and Identity.

Politically, Ireland's government leans left, and advocates for state wide Social Democracy.


Throughout Ireland, you can easily travel between the flat terrain by using roads linking cities and villages together.

Ireland's territory is surrounded completely by ocean. There are no direct roads connecting the island to the mainland, nor Great Britain. International travel can only be accessed via train or boat.

Ireland's transport hub is Dublin, with a train station that runs 2 International Eurostar lines. An underground platform is under construction for the WIP Euro-American rail.