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World: Earth Map
Region: Austronesian_region
Country: Republic of Indonesia
Coordinates: 12869 765
Built: July 2020
Mayor: Tukang Bom

Jakarta is a the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia and lays in West-Java. It was founded in late July of 2020 by Tukang_bom. The first building was his house just in the small neighborhood on relcaimed land. The city to house an official UN HQ. The city has its own MRT network which connects the city and metropolitan area of Jakarta. The city is still under construction.

Current buildings[edit]

At the moment, there are a total of 13 buildings (not including houses), of which 7 skyscrapers. These are mostly used as apartments and ministries. Although most buildings are still unfinished, Jakarta is quickly making new buildings to fill its empty lands. Plans are also made to expand to Southern Sumatra, specifically Lampung and to a lesser extend Palembang and Bengkulu.


The Jakarta MRT system consists of 3 dual-railed lines. These are:

Red line (finished): Surabaya - Bandung - Bekasi - Jakarta Pusat - Palembang

Yellow line (partially finished): Jakarta Airport - Bekasi - Jakarta Pusat - Lampung

Blue line (under Construction): Semarang - Taman Bekasi - Pantai - Jakarta Pusat - Tangerang - Bengkulu

Jakarta is also connected by the Alpine Spice road, which stretches from Bali to Europe. This road is 2 blocks wide and mainly made of cobble stone. This road was made to connect Indonesia with the rest of Asia and also shorten walking time between South-East Asia and Europe, as it takes a shortcut through the Himalayas. On the other hand, traveling from East-Asia to Europe is more efficient using the Silk Road.

Jakarta will also get its own ice boat staion located at the metro station Jakarta Pusat in the future