Japonic region

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Japonic region
Colloquial: Japan
Language Family: Japonic/Japanese-Ryukyuan
Languages: Japanese, Ryukyuan languages
World: Earth Map
Coordinates: 16693, -4532
Region Moderator(s): RedCrafted, Hello Im Dutch
Countries: Japanese Empire (日本帝国)
Cities: Tokyo (東京)

Akita (秋田)

Kyoto (京都)

Kagoshima (鹿児島)

The Japonic region (日本語の地域, nihongo no chiiki) is the region of the Japonic languages. These include Japanese, spoken everywhere throughout the region, and the Ryukyuan languages of the Ryukyuan islands. The region does not include the northernmost of the four main Japanese islands, Hokkaido, as its native language is Ainu and is therefore part of the Ainu-Kamchatkan region. There are currently no learners of Ryukyuan languages in the Japonic region despite Okinawa and other Ryukyuan islands having Japanese settlements. The region is moderated by RedCrafted and Hello_Im_Dutch, the latter also ruling the Japanese Empire.