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Nazwa's Skin
Nazwa's Skin
Username: Jestjakasnazwa
Other names: Nazwa
User Group: Member
Native: Polish
Learning: English C2, German C1, Czech A1, Esperanto, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Spanish

Jestjakasnazwa (more commonly known as Nazwa) is a Polish ATWMC member.


Nazwa is a native Polish speaker and an advanced speaker of English and German. They also are learning Czech, Esperanto, Japanese, Kinyarwanda and Spanish.


Nazwa played an important part in the building of Warsaw, and also gave the name of Czarnodziura to the settlement previously known as Kielce, to signify its cursed and foreboding nature.

The Garfields Incident[edit]

In October of 2023, a mysterious invasion of small, clay Garfield statues swept the server. Confusion erupted as Garfields were found in places including Manchester, Sydney and Tokyo, as well as many more. It was later revealed that Nazwa was behind the building of these Garfields, having built over 70 of them in the space of only three and a half hours (a rate of approximately 0.33 Garfields per minute, or one every three minutes). The motive or intentions of the Garfield invasion are to this day unclear, but many on the server chose to welcome their new Garfield overlords. Multiple Garfields exist scattered across the server to this day, with many likely still yet undiscovered.