Jon's Guide

From Around The World MC

I (User:JonOfTheLadder) am still pretty new to this server, only just starting to work on my own little house. This page will be a combination of my own notes for myself and a guide for new people. I'm going to address you as though you're fairly dense, because I am fairly dense. Hopefully it will eventually become the beginner's guide I would have liked to see when I first joined.

What have you gotten yourself into?[edit]

Presumably you are learning a language, and somehow found this server. You'd like to play on here lots in order to practice, but everything seems confusing and chaotic. What are people talking about? Is the server dead? Why is there nothing at spawn? What can and can't I do? Most importantly, how can you get started as quickly as possible?

The number one source of confusion is probably not being aware of some place online. ATWMC's presence is somewhat scattered around online, between a number of links. In order of importance:

The community is extremely friendly! If you're acting in good faith, people will be very understanding. This is not a community with a lot of rules where people will get upset at you for saying the wrong thing by accident, everything operates in a very human way. Just to be crystal clear: you need to join the discord to participate in the community. You may be able to play on the server using only the in-game chat, but things will be very confusing. Most of the discussion happens there, and it's the best place to ask questions.

The structure of the world[edit]

Or rather, worlds. There are two of them:

The Resource World is a standard Minecraft world, with standard world generation. It has a large urban area, called Ukiho. Sometimes people will refer to the whole of the resource world as "Ukiho" for short.

The Earth Map is scale map of the real world, divided into regions based on languages being learned, with cities and landmarks being built where their real-life counterparts are. That's what the resource world's resources are used for.

Each world has its own Nether and End, for a total of six maps:

The best way to get around is with the /warp command. Most major cities real-world cities have a Earth Map counterpart which can be warped to, try typing "/warp", then a space, then hitting tab. You should get a list of all the different warps which can be scrolled through by pressing tab repeatedly. There are a lot! /warp ukiho is the easiest way to get to the resource world.

Again, to be clear, you cannot walk to Ukiho from Germany. They are separate worlds, you must warp to move between the Earth Map and the resource world. Get used to warping a lot.

Getting Started[edit]

Once you've explored around and seen all the sights, you may want a little place of your own to settle in. The place to build your first house is Ukiho, somewhere near the city, so you have a spot to keep items and random junk you're working on. You can of course play a normal game of Minecraft, run off into the unexplored wilds and start punching a tree, and work your way up from there, but there are resources to get started more quickly. A very important resource for beginners is the Community Chest, a shockingly well-stocked pile of FREE STUFF. Need I say more?

Warp to Ukiho, follow the path to the left, and it'll be the first building on your left, dark wood with a large iron block on the front. Again, this server operates on good faith. Yes, there is a stack of diamond blocks. Just because they're free doesn't mean you can take all of them. Be nice! There are also elytra available.