From Around The World MC
Username: Jontiben
Joined: 2015
User Group: Inactive

Jontiben (Korean: 신준환, Discord: @jontiben#7855, alias Jonti) is an ATWMC veteran and a former administrator and owner of Around The World MC.

Jontiben initially joined the server in June 2017 to flex his abilities in Yucatec Mayan, and he also studied Spanish. He led the state of Yaax Island, a Yucatec Mayan-speaking state in the Old Map. Since October 2019, Jontiben began studying Korean. He founded Wiryseong (위례성, now called Seoul (서울)) soon after the release of the New Map. However, he transferred power over Wiryseong to Heid, but still owns the Wiryeseong Mall located in the center of Seoul.

Jontiben stepped down from his positions as owner of the server and administrator on 18 March 2021. The current owner of the server is Puzzlecube.