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World: Earth Map
Region: West Slavic region
Country: East Prussia
Warp: /warp Konigsberg
Coordinates: 2545 -6518
Languages: German
Built: 2020

Königsberg is an important city in the West Slavic region, and former capital of East Prussia


The city of Königsberg was originally founded by Monke during the summer of 2020. It became part of the German Empire and the land around it was quickly terraformed into an island. With the fall of towny and the implementation of regions, as well as Monke’s inactivity within the city, Königsberg became abandoned. Upon his banning, the city was leveled and all buildings were destroyed. In February 2021 the German Empire wanted to reestablish the city as well as honor the regions considerable German history in the real world, and thus annexed parts of the West Slavic region. The city’s design by Letterbomb0121 was intended to be a multicultural metropolis, which included various neighborhoods for linguistic minorities in the region. With considerable international backlash, the German Empire relinquished its claim over the region, and instead the State of East Prussia was founded with its capital at Königsberg.

In recent times all German flags have been removed and it is up for debate whether the city is German or Polish, neither government making any recent declarations involving the land.