Kingdom of Great Britain

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Kingdom of Great Britain
The flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain
The flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain
Capital: London
Languages: English
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch: Wyttie
Formation: Unknown
Dissolution: April 17th, 2021
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Britannic region
Administrative Regions: South England, Norfolk, North England
Cities: Manchester, Norfolk
Neighbors: Ireland, Kingdom of Scotland, France, Wales

King of Great Britain was the primary country for Britannic region. After Wyttie was banned the Kingdom of Great Britain was dissolved on the 17th of April, 2021, and is now the Republic of England



The Kingdom of Great Britain was a constitutional monarchy, where King Wyttie made most of the decisions within the Empire, while Parliament meetings were held in the House of Lords in the event that there was a large amount of dissatisfaction with Wyttie's decisions.


Great Britain was right-wing politically. Conservative beliefs were prominent in the nation. London has a similar, mid-1800s Victorian style.


Great Britain is mostly made up of flower forests, with a lot of sand in the western areas. The Southeast and Northwest are heavily urbanized.



Great Britain was created when Wyttie first joined in May 2020 along with his friend, Icecyristal67. Originally consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, Great Britain was a strong new world power. Great Britain colonized many regions all over the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Shikoku (Japan) and more. In London, the House of Lords was built so that representatives from the empire could vote on important matters.

The Empire's Collapse[edit]

As the Empire grew and more colonies were founded, criticism from Britain's neighbors began to form, as well as internal problems. Ireland wanted to become a free state, and so the first parliament meeting was held to confirm this. Later on however, Ireland became fully independent due to ideological differences and international pressure. Many of Britain's colonies began to fall into ruin as their governors became inactive. Control of New Zealand was assumed by Ukihoroa as the region of Aotearoa in 2020, with the rest of the empire falling after the implementation of Regions. There were many attempts to found new colonies and recreate the empire, but most of Wyttie's attempts angered nearby natives, causing him to pull out. The only major colony that remained during this period was Tenochtitlan, in central Mexico. Kingdom of Scotland later declared independence when MrSegno moved in and began building at the ruins of Glasgow. Britain first refused Scotland's independence, but was forced to accept it after pressure from other countries and staff. Wales declared their independence later on under Winter_Smokes, causing the Welsh Crisis.

The Age of Diplomacy[edit]

After the collapse of the British Empire, Wyttie began changing his focus less toward conquest of new lands, and more to internal affairs and diplomacy with neighbors. London began expanding faster and new cities began to be built. After realizing their similarities, Wyttie and the leaders of France, O_7337 and V_Mac_Carthaig, began to have closer relations, making Britain and France allies. When the European Union was created in November 2020, Britain was hesitant to join, but was eventually persuaded to join the EU by France. Britain made more allies when Svea_Svea joined and founded Sweden. Svea shared the same conservative views as Wyttie and they quickly became allies.

The Age of Seperation[edit]

In the middle of 2020, AlexNB joined the server as a member of Finland, and relations between Alex and Wyttie quickly grew and Wyttie designated a spot for Alex to build an embassy in London. Relations then broke down after Alex started an election for ruler of Britain, in which Wyttie refused to participate. This caused Wyttie to revoke their embassy and give them 48 hours to move out. Alex won the election with 100% of the vote. Alex went off to found Manchester, the capital of the Republic of England. Wyttie still claimed leadership of England, including Wales, despite no backing from either the European Union, nor the United Nations.

A map of England after it was divided

This dispute was later resolved when Wyttie and Alex agreed to split England in half, giving the northern half to Alex's Government while the southern half remained under Wyttie's rule. A small area in western Cornwall was set aside in the event that someone learning Cornish wanted to claim it.

Present Day[edit]

on April 17th, 2021, Wyttie was banned for homophobia and racism. As a result, AlexNB assumed the new role of Sultan. The former Kingdom is now split into the Republic of England, The Kingdom of Scotland, [Ireland], and Wales