Kingdom of Hawai'i

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The Kingdom of Hawai'i
Capital: Hawai'i
Languages: Hawaiian
Government: Monarchy
Head of State: Frogs_sgorf
Formation: Late August-Early September 2022
World: Earth Map
Administrative Regions: Mokupuni Hema, Hawai'i
Cities: Fiji, Niihau, Honolulu

The Kingdom of Hawai'i is a country based around the Hawaiian Islands but has claimed islands throughout Polynesia.



Hawai'i is a monarchy ruled by Frogs_sgorf. It rules over many islands in the Central and East Pacific, such as Fiji, Samoa, and Rehoku/Wharekauri.


Buildings in Hawai'i try to keep a native architectural style but some have a mix of many.


Hawai'i is a tropical chain of islands. these islands are densely forested. Volcanoes are being built in Hawai'i to give it a more realistic feeling.


The main way around the Kingdom of Hawai'i is by boat, but a faster, in-progress way is through the Pacific Ice Highway.


Pre-Hawaiian Establishment[edit]

The first known settlement of Hawai'i was by a player named Kusa from Japan. Hawai'i back then was a Japanese colony and was abandoned. The islands of Hawai'i were ruined. A huge castle was at the top of the big island, and the architecture matched more of a European style rather than Japanese. Holes and tunnels ran throughout the islands.