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Konstaliuşev Karámir Kúrka (A.K.A Konstalius_105Na or just simply "Konstal") is a citizen of Tokuguku and the Kaan (Provincial Leader) of Halbin Province.

Konstaliuşev Karámir Kúrka
Username: Konstalius_105Na
Other names: Konstal, Констаliуҫеv Кара́мір Ку́рка
Joined: Late-2022
Residence: Tsonshi City
Native: Silesian, Polish
Learning: None

Konstaliuş has originally logged onto ATWMC all the way back on 24.11.2022, but only to join the Kakutsu religion; he ignored all the greetings and followed Malung to The Northern Shrine located in The Even Province. After the ceremony has been finished, he logged off and returned to another server he was currently focusing on, forgetting about ATWMC for a decent while. However, after some time the said server went through significant changes that killed it, making Konstal desperately search for a new place to play. He remembered ATWMC and proceeded to rejoin it on 26.03.2023. From that day (and as of writing this), he is online a few days every week.


House in Tsonshi City[edit]

The house is located in The East Tsonshi District edit later

House in Halbin[edit]

Konstalius's house in Halbin is a planned residence near the Industrial District. It is purely an idea and everything else related to it does not exist yet.

Non-Earth Map activities[edit]

Konstalius has done a few things outside of Tokuguku. This is the list of them.

The Enderman XP Farm[edit]

The command of /warp endermanfarm is used to teleport people to an XP Farm based on endermen. It was originally built by BTLC, however after he became an inactive player, it's been slowly getting destroyed and edited by various players. This caused Konstalius to ask Puzzlecube, it's new, informal owner for renovation permission, which was then granted. Thus, the grinder has been fully rebuilt to it's current form on May 5th and 6th.

Something (A.K.A.: "Coś")[edit]

The "Something" is Konstaliusev's largest project in the Resource World of ATWMC. It is heavily based on MagdalenaMariaMonika's original Coś from the video ["Minecraft na obcasach #13 - Coś"], which was uploaded on 2.07.2011. is currently under construction, but when finished, it'll be made out of two main parts; lower and upper. The lower part will be a giant, square hole that shrinks as it gets deeper at a 45° angle. It'll be stretching from Y=62 all the way to bedrock. The upper part will be a glass pyramid of the same size, but built ontop of it's lower twin. Below you can see a visualization of it done on a small scale.