Kuchean Empire

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Kuchean Empire
Capital: Kucha
Languages: Kuchean, Tibetan, Uyghur
Government: Constitutional Xaanate
Formation: July 25th, 2022
World: Earth Map
Server Region: Central Asian region, Tibeto-Burman region, Sinic region
Administrative Regions: Toxaria, Tibet, Sichuan
Cities: Kucha, Nyagqu
Neighbors: Chinese Empire, Mongolia

Kuchean Empire is a nation in the Central Asian region.



Kucha is a Xaanate ruled over by Bilabial in Kucha. Various other Xaans have ruled over Tibet inside the Empire, including Gibus3.


Kucha is a syncretic nation largely under the influence of Kuchean & Tibetan architecture & ideas.


Kucha's Toxaria is a largely flat & barren desert, with sparse & small rivers running through. Most of Tibet is occupied by the Plateau, giving a mountainous plain. Sichuan is a lush area suitable for farming in some areas, while others are too mountainous.


On their first day, Bilabial requested access to Central Asia & promptly began building. However, it wasn't until months later that they would make actual good progress. However, in September of 2022, the Chinese Liberation War over Macau began, & Kucha made the decision to aid Macau alongside Tsonshiguku (now called Tokuguku). Having won this war, Kucha was granted authority over all of Tibet & a slight area extending beyond, which would become Sichuan Governorate. In February of 2023, new threats of war emerged from Liechtenstein, causing a new burst of activity into Kucha. However, no such war did occur.