From Around The World MC
Username: Letterbomb0121
User Group: Moderator
Native: English
Learning: German, French, Spanish

Letterbomb0121 is a Moderator and player on the ATWMC server. He is the president of Baja California and Mayor of Tijuana, and Emperor of Byzantine Empire. Also known for being former Kaiser of the German Empire,


Letterbomb is an English native from the United States, but is also B1 in German, A2 in French, A1 in Spanish, and beginner in Latin, Greek and Croatian.

Political Titles[edit]

Baja California[edit]

Letterbomb is the current president of Baja California and mayor of Tijuana. Given the size of the nation he runs it single-handedly as the only citizen in government. I’m addition he is the head of the Partido de Trabajadores Revolucionarios, and head of the National Labor Union of Baja California. In addition, he is in charge of the Evangelical Catholic Lutheran Church the largest United religious body in the Western Hemisphere.


He is the current Byzantine Emperor and King of Greece, founded in September 2023, Byzantium covers the Balkan region with certain divisions along cultural and linguistic lines. He’s currently working on Athens and a road system to unite all of the Balkans.


He is the current mayor of Lyon, and former Duke of Provence, secretary of Defense and Infrastructure within the Kingdom of France. When the kingdom reigned, he also was the Governor or Louisiana and built New Orleans.


He was the Kaiser of the German Empire, also King of Brandenburg-Prussia. He established the Kaiserreich, a revival of Germany, in December 2020 and with help of others put Germany back on the map so to speak. This title was passed on to Ukihoroa who is the current Kaiser. He accepts title as Former Kaiser, and still owns royal property within Germany. He also founded the city of Konigsberg and built a German/ multi lingual and cultural settlement there before it was converted into a Slavic city.