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Aerial view of Madrid March 2023
Aerial view of Madrid March 2023
World: Earth Map
Region: Iberian region
Country: Kingdom of Spain
Warp: /warp Madrid
Coordinates: -232, -4667
Languages: Spanish
Built: Broke Ground (Unknown)

Developed (February 2023)

Mayor: Buddha

Madrid is the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Spain. It is the largest and oldest city in the Iberian Region.


The Iberian region showing Madrid in February 2021

Early History[edit]

Madrid probably broke ground not too long after the Earth Map was created in early 2020 most likely by Thelouieman with the help of Paleopack626. Early builds include the large garden on the West side of Madrid, the warp and the 3 large education building that were incomplete. Like most of the Iberian region, Madrid was mostly abandoned as not much had changed from February 2021 until February 2023. There were times players had added on to Madrid, most notably ninehawt, though never anything substantial. Some shenanigans took play in Madrid mostly by Fr*nch speakers by leaving memes and Pandas in Madrid.

Present History[edit]

Zoning Map of Madrid as of March 2023

No major improvements happened until early February 2023 when Buddha finished the education building in Madrid. Other improvements was the addition of an Eurostar line to Paris, which rerouted from it's original destination to Pepperignan. A proper Eurostar station was created, both the station and line are awaiting for formal Eurostar approval.

Like the rest of Spain, Madrid was under the rule of the Ukrainian-Goth Commonwealth until February 2023 when Spain became independent and the newly established Kingdom of Spain. Madrid maintained the status of the capital and as such was given priority of early developments of the new country. As such Madrid was given proper zoning and residential housing was built with each house having it's own separate storage area. Embassies were added for various in-game countries which also contain language learning information for each respective country.