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Around the World MC is a Minecraft server with a primary focus in language learning. Started in 2016 ATWMC offers a place people people to practice their target language with other people trying to learn and with those native in their target language.

The ATWMC Wiki aims to document the rich history of the server, including its events, groups, bases, players, and more. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the wiki. Before contributing please read the Rules and Manual of Style.

In the news

  • January 20 – The Earth Map's 3rd Year Anniversary
  • January 1 – New Years Celebrations
  • January - Grimace & Baba Yaga promoted to Moderator
  • December 28 - Spawn started to undergo remodeling
  • December 25 - Christmas Celebrations
  • December 4 - Dynmap was reworked
Getting Started

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