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Username: MrSegno
Other names: Segno, Senjo
Joined: August 10, 2019
Residence: Þēodwīċ (Old Map)

Kingdom of Scotland


User Group: Member
Native: English
Learning: Scottish Gaelic (Pre-A1)

Old English (Pre-A1)

Dutch (Pre-A1)

MrSegno (Commonly just called 'Segno' /ˈsɛ, also /ˈseɲɲo/) is the King of the Kingdom of Scotland, and joined the server on the 10th of August, 2019


Segno is learning (as of 27/11/2021): Scottish Gaelic, Old English, and Dutch

Finding the Server[edit]

Segno originally found the server through the Old English (Englisċ) discord server, having recently got an interest of Old English and having a decent size portion of people on the Old Map, he took the opportunity

Old World[edit]

Earth World[edit]

Segno started on the Earth Map shortly after it's release, he went to the Roman Empire temporarily before he went to go and found the bases of the Kingdom of Scotland, he found a hill and hollowed it out to settle, and used the cobblestone to build a small castle upon the hill, Edinburgh Caslte.

Conflict with Wyttie[edit]

Right off the bath, Wyttie took issue with Segno's refusal of subjugation. Segno cited Wyttie's problematic demeanor as a reason for Scottish independence, that with Wyttie denied. With help from Ice, and Ukraine, an agreement was made that made Scotland independent. Soon after, Segno joined Ice and Grimace's battle against The Trifecta. They were soon also joined by Winter Smokes.

New World[edit]