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NickMo's Skin
NickMo's Skin
Username: NickMoJAVA
Other names: NickMo, Nick
Joined: February 2023
Residence: Berlin (Originally)

Liechtenstein (Final Residence)

User Group: Banned
Native: English
Learning: German (pre-A1)

NickMoJAVA also known more simply as Nick is a banned player on Around the World MC. Known for getting into fights with other players, claiming and ruling over Liechtenstein and gearing for War.


Nick is a native English speaker. He had expressed interest in learning German but didn't appear to make an effort to learn German.


Nick joined and had expressed interest in German and quickly settled in Berlin, Germany. He created a small house in the South East part of the city. He created a "Gummy Bear" out of red glass next to his house. Soon after creating the Gummy Bear he attempted to make a straight line path of the German tricolor from Berlin to Spawn. This was the first of many things that upset other players and the road was removed by Rypervenche much to Nick's disliking.

With the help of Baba Yaga he started to look around for new projects to work on and a new place to live as he didn't feel welcome in Berlin. He was given brief rulership of Czarnodziura, which foreshadowed his banning as everyone who rules over the town is soon to be damned and banned from ATWMC. Until he found the discovery of Liechtenstein which had been previously built by a now inactive player, upon this discovery he self proclaimed himself ruler of Liechtenstein.


Nick's rule over Liechtenstein was quite unpopular by others one the server and pushed back to his plans of expansion. He slowly became more aggressive verbally and physically, like attacking Frogs for seemingly no reason. He built tanks and helicopters as a sign of military expansion despite denials of doing so. He invited a friend of his named James, who while casual and wasn't negatively received by the community, was clearly gearing for war as he was grinding away his Swords and Axes MCMMO level at Winter_Smokes's gold farm which he broke in the process. This clear gearing for war, and invitations of people who weren't interested in language learning further upset many members of the ATWMC.


On February 21st, 2023 Nick invited another friend of his named Jax, who on joining immediately made an insensitive joke about cancer and was promptly banned by Rypervenche. Who logged offline without further explanation to the ban. Jax started spamming the Discord chat upset of what he felt was an unjust banning. Nick was also quite upset was also making his objections quite known in the game chat and was muted multiple times. When Baba Yaga logged on she was promptly inundated with questions from Nick about Ryper and why Jax was banned to which she did not take kindly. After about an hour mediating the situation she was able to get Jax unbanned. Despite this act of kindness, Jax and Nick was still upset and voicing their displeasure in game chat about the situation. Despite being temp muted both didn't let off and Jax threated to "Bot the Discord" and "leak ips" he and Nick was banned soon thereafter.