Nils Trinity

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Nils Trinity
Username: NilsTrinity
Other names: Nils
Joined: March 18 2020
Residence: Hell, Norway
User Group: Inactive
Native: English
Learning: German (B1)

Norwegian (Pre-A1)

Nils Trinity is a member of Around The World MC. Nils was invited by their friend Heid in the March of 2020[1] and the two moved to several different locations before settling in Berlin, Germany. The two rapidly extended the reach of the nation before its eventual collapse with the introduction of regions and declination of player activity within the nation. When the regions system was proposed, Nils Trinity was one of the members of the opposition, voting to keep the old Towny system in place. After the system was put in place, they continued to oppose the system until 15 May 2021 by not joining any regions and living in Werkstadt, Australia and Chile. In May, though, Nils joined the North Germanic region to learn Norwegian and oppose the current Denmark-Norway dictatorship, and they even became leader of DKNO only a few months later, in July.


Map proposal made by Heid on May 23, 2020[2] Black: German Empire Red: Roman Empire

Before the regions system was introduced in August of 2020, Nils lived in Germany. When they first joined the server, they lived with Heid in Berlin, but moved to Hamburg with Jamal to make a new German city, though the city never had much progress. After Heid left for Korea, leadership of the nation fell to Nils and they became the Kaiser of Germany. During this time period the nation underwent rapid name changes and almost joined the Roman Empire in order to unify the two largest nations in Europe, though the unification never passed.

After becoming more inactive, they wanted to hand the role of Kaiser to someone else[3], but due to the relative inactivity of other members of Germany, passing on the role of Kaiser had its difficulties. After regions were introduced, Nils was stripped of their role as Kaiser and it was finally given to a more active player.

In August of 2021, Czechoslovakia annexed both Austria and Bavaria, forming Austrobavaroczechoslovakia. The German Empire, although willing to let go of Austria, did not recognise the annexation of Bavaria as legitimate. The international community quickly chose sides for the upcoming conflict between the two nations. Nils, still being a citizen of Germany, though inactive as they are, immediately joined the side of Germany as the provisional leader of DKNO, as well as a soldier for the Empire.

Europe on August 16th, 2021, in the middle of the land dispute over Bavaria.

Nils Trinity
Kaiser of Germany
Preceded by Heid
Succeeded by
Mayor of Berlin
Preceded by Heid
Succeeded by Lastar
Mayor of Hamburg
Succeeded by Heid
Provisional Leader of Denmark-Norway
Preceded by Herzog703

Werkstadt, Australia[edit]

While they were trying to transfer the role of Kaiser to another member, they moved to Werkstadt(en: Work City), Australia to create a town to produce all the farmable resources for others to use, but the project became too big and the builds lagged the area, so the project was abandoned, though the builds were not destroyed. The buildings in the city included a large warehouse, a crop farm, a villager breeder, a small cobblestone generator, and a few various small farms scattered about. Most of the builds are still functional and usable by anyone willing to make the long trip to the poorly placed city.


After abandoning Werkstadt, Nils moved around the regionless areas of the world, eventually swimming their way from Delaware to Chile[4]. There is a town with two houses in Chile and a small underwater village off the coast of the town. The village contains a large dome in which people can live normally, as well as a conduit for working outside of the dome without the need for breathing. Within the dome, there is a shop that sells materials found at the bottom of the ocean, such as gravel, sand, and coal.

Hell, Norway[edit]

Following several controversial elections in Denmark-Norway, Nils grew opposed to the dictatorial government that ruled over the nation, eventually outgrowing their opposition to the region system. Nils believed that the King, Head of State, and Prime Minister, Herzog, was running a dictatorial government with elections designed only to give the illusion of choice, as all parties in the elections represented an ideology that Herzog himself supported. Furthermore, Nils noted that elections only took place when Herzog saw fit, thus giving more credit to their arguments that the current government was undemocratic. In retaliation to Herzog, during the elections of 18 May 2021, Nils and Bla formed the Blils Party, focused on making Blaism the state religion, which the Danish government initially regarded as a joke party, counting any ballots with the party as a spoiled ballot. Despite the setbacks Nils and Bla faced, though, the party gained such a large number of votes that the Danish government was forced to recognise the party as real, and only added it to the ballot after the elections had been running for hours. As a result of not being added to the ballot until later, the other three parties had an advantage over the Blils party. Despite the advantages, though, the party managed to secure the largest number of first preference votes, but, conveniently enough, the Coalition party won due to second preference votes[5].

While the May elections were taking place, Heid and Nils moved to Denmark-Norway, specifically to Hell, Norway, in order to create a town uncontrolled by Herzog's government. The town was designed to be a labyrinth city, containing several layers of buildings and paths stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, the city is not districted, with businesses, government, industry, and residential zones all placed in random places around the city. As of 23 May 2021, the city was still mostly just the outline, but development continued.

In July 2021, a dispute between Heid and Herzog over possession of a storage unit, which both had been using for months without realising the other had been too, started, which involved several other players, including Nils, who brought the issue to light to the mods. The issue was resolved peacefully with the help of Letter, and the four then used the time to talk about both past events and future plans, and an agreement was made between Herzog and Nils to transfer leadership of DKNO from the former to the latter, and the process is still ongoing.