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Nivaclé region
Language Family Matacoan, Nivaclé-Maká
Language Nivaclé
World New Map
Coordinates -7356, 2665
Region Moderator The_Linguist_LL


The Nivaclé region (Nivacle for in game commands) is a region in the Gran Chaco region of Paraguay and Argentina that speaks Nivaclé (duh).

The region features a Nivaclé museum to teach about the Nivaclé language and culture, a small but growing town, a large campsite modeled after a traditional Nivaclé village, a market area for shops, and access to a canal that leads through the Alti Plano to the Pacific ocean.


Nivaclé is a nominal tense marking language with no verbal conjugation for tense, aspect, or modality. It has a rich set of nominal enclitics.

Nivaclé marks tense using a set of four determiners which cliticize to nouns.

Temporal Enclitics
Enclitic Connotation
na= known by speaker / spatially present
ja= known by speaker / spatially absent
ka= known by speaker / non-existent
pa= unknown by speaker