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O 7337
[[File:|250px|alt=O's Skin|O's Skin]]
O's Skin
Username: O_7337
Other names: O, The King, King O, O'ie, The Old King
Joined: 2020
Residence: Paris
User Group: Helper
Native: English French
Learning: Spanish

O is a player on around the World MC. He is a Native English and French Speaker. He is a member of The Trifecta

King of France[edit]

O_7337 has been around since early 2020, just after the reset of the Old Map. He is known to have been one of the original builders of Paris. He was the monarch or Roi of France, with Caeso being the crown prince. Together they made most of France with some help of Letterbomb0121. The King resides in Palace Elysees in Paris, unfortunately destroyed in the Paris bombings. The King led France to be a global power, and the most developed nation on the server at a time. Along side the overseas territories of Louisian and Quebec, France under O also controlled Corsica, bringing France to its Mac territorial expansion in its history. He was allied with Wyttie through some controversial moments, which had mixed feelings from certain players. He became inactive after the 2021 Bombing of Paris, abdicating the throne. Grimace took over, democratizing the country.


In September 2023, he came back and proclaimed himself King of France. He proceeded to remove LGBT flags around the paris area, which were built by other players. His actions were met with disapproval, and originally staff rolled back the changes, however the staff came to a conclusion his actions weren’t breaking rules and the staff removed the flags.

Notable Builds[edit]

  • Grand Paris Station
  • Most of Paris


  • He is Texan
  • He is a great builder
  • Irl he competes in Rodeo