Old Map

From Around The World MC

The Old Map (also called the Old World) is the first map that was released with Around The World MC at January 2017. It is the home of the veterans of ATWMC. It was replaced with the Earth Map and the New Map near the end of January 2020 as part of an overhaul in an attempt to bring back more activity and interest in the server to combat the activity decline with an Earth-like map to better reflect the locations of languages spoken in the real world. The Old Map consists of a map with default Minecraft terrain generation and a circular world border. It is home to more than one hundred regions—most of which were unused—that are no longer in use in the current day.

Old Map was wiped and reportedly made inaccessible in January 2021. Though you can still access the Old Map through warps. While there are few builds still out on the Old Map the map is virtually empty though the former regions are still in place. The Old Maps corresponding Nether dimension has also been wiped whereas the End dimension has not been wiped. Despite the fact you can still access the Old Map, your inventory is not the same as your inventory on the Earth Map.

Within the Old Map, there was a much stronger emphasis on political roleplay. Wars were more prevalent between territories than in the New Map.

The Old Map is home to the original Córdoba, a Spanish city built mostly by Soulful_Fighter and Jontiben, which was transferred to the New Map by Cxom.