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Region: French region
Country: France
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Languages: French

Paris is the capital and largest city of France. Also Paris is the largest city in the European Union and possibly world.


Paris was founded by V Mac Carthaig(Caeso) and O 7337 in Spring 2020. The two planned out the city from inception, every street given certain plans. The area of Paris took months to flatten out, enlarge the river Seine, and connect with roads to the rest of the world.

Kingdom of France[edit]

Under the Kingdom of France, Paris grew considerably. The famous Champs-Elysées was built by Caeso along with many of its unique buildings, such as the Gare du Nord Paris train station, Arc de Triomphe, and spawn building. King O built the Elysées Palace, the royal residence in France and seat of government. Along with this O gave advice and support in the larger city’s building plans. Letterbomb0121 made the Paris Cathedral of Saint Ambrose and some other buildings. Paris was a world class city and the largest in the server in late 2020, as well as most active.


Following the 2021 Bombing of Paris in spring 2021 (read more about it there), much of what Caeso and O built was destroyed, and the government resigned. Grimace took over the country following this, and established the Republic of France. His first priority was to rebuild and restore most of what was destroyed, and repurpose others for the Republic. President Grimace built the Eiffel Tower on the land the Royal Palace once stood, and some empty space in the city was built on, making room for embassies and homes, the cathedral was converted into a synagogue. Grimace preserved the French culture in this time of change.


O was returned to power in September 2023 and immediately began to restore France to its royal past. Plans for a new royal palace are underway, and the King intends on adding to Paris with Caeso.


Paris has many different tourist destinations some mentioned above. The city also sits in a strategic location and is a hub of travel. Located on the Seine River, Paris also has many canals that connect it to the rest of France and Europe. The Gare du Nord is a Eurostar station that has many international destinations such as Spain, Netherlands and Germany to name a few.