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Flag of Poland
Flag of Poland
Capital: Warsaw
Languages: Polish
Head of State: Baba Yaga (de facto)
World: Earth Map
Server Region: West Slavic region

Poland, formally known as Polskie Sąsiedztwo (The Polish Neighborhood) is a loose network of Polish-speaking bases and towns throughout the West Slavic region. Poland has a long, often mysterious history on the server.

Its capital city, Warsaw, can be found in the center of the region. It is accessible via the Unterbähn, the Lewa Ręka Warszawy & Prawa Ramię Warszawy, the West Slavic Canal System, the Eurostar Line, and the main highway across Europe.

Poland is home to some of the oldest builds on the Earth Map, including the elusive Czarnodziura. Many new mobs such as the goat and the allay were first introduced in Poland, and have since migrated as far as Gothland. A small region exists within Poland itself: the PVP arena. It is also accessible via the command /warp pvp.